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Fort de France

Capital of Martinique, Fort-de-France is well known for its spices market. This covered market made of metal and glass is full of colors and flavors thanks to the vegetables, fruits and vanilla.

The Pelée Mountain


The Pelée Mountain is located in the north of the island. With its 1 397 meters high, it is the peak of Martinique.

Rhum distilleries :

  • The Depaz distillery is 4 centuries old, at the bottom of the Pelée Mountain. In 1989, André Depaz unite with an old family from Bordeaux, the Bordinet. There are rhums of 50 or 55 degrees, old or white.
  • The Dillon distillery is located in Dillon, one of Fort-de-France’s neighborhood. In 1967, The Baronet Company got this distillery. This prestigious place creates white rhums since 1779 of 50 and 55 degrees, but also great old rhums.
  • The Galion distillery is in Trinité.
  • The JM distillery is in the north of Martinique, a the bottom of the Pelée Mountain in a place called Fonds Préville.
  • The Favorite is a family distillery, and maybe the last independent of the island since 1842, located in Fort-de-France.
  • La Mauny in Rivière-Pilote exists since 1749.
  • Trois Rivières was produced until 2003 in Sainte-Luce, and since then at La Mauny’s distillery.
  • Duquesnes is at Rivière-Pilote, also at La Mauny’s distillery.
  • Neisson was created in 1932 by the Neisson brothers, and is one of the last family distillery, located in Carbet.
  • Simon
  • Saint Etienne
  • Clément may be one of the most famous place in Martinique. Since 1887, the rhum is made in the pure tradition, according to pure tradition inherited from Homère and Charles Clément.
  • Saint-James is in Sainte-Marie, in the middle of the Saint-James plantations.